CANDIKILL 90 Capsules

$ 49.95

CandiKill was formulated to target Candida albicans and other fungal infections.* Candida infections can produce various symptoms depending on the area of infection. Once you and your healthcare practitioner have determined that you are suffering from a candida infection, CandiKill can play an important role in reducing this type of infection.* Dietary changes are also crucial in reversing Candida overgrowth, which your doctor will discuss with you.*It is usually suggested that one take a good quality probiotic while trying to eradicate Candida, such as SBC by Nutritional Frontiers.


3 capsules contain:

Berberine                                                                                     400mg
Caprylic Acid (as sodium caprylate)                                            300mg
Olive Leaf Extract 300 mg yielding 20% Oleuropein                   60 mg
Grapefruit seed extract 10:1                                                        250mg
Garlic (bulb) allium sativum L.                                                      250mg
Tea Tree Extract                                                                            200 mg
Thyme Extract                                                                              100 mg
Oreganol (extract from leaf)                                                          100mg

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